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    Real Name: Eemi

    Age: 15

    Location: Finland

    Played time on character: 5 days, 22 hours.

    Addons I use to improve raiding: DBM, Bartender4, Skinner, PitBull, Elk Buffbars. (Omen and Recount, doesnt help so much on raids.)

    Experience on raiding: I have experienced a little bit Vanilla raids from Vanilla time (used a friends account at that time.) I made my own account at beginning of TBC and experienced Karazhan, SSC, The Eye from Tempest Keep, and some of BT and Mount Hyjal. On WoTLK, I have experienced Malygos, Naxx, Ulduar almost completely (on different chars), ToC 10 5/5, ToC 25 4/5, ICC 10 8/11 (would be more, but I made the mistakes sometimes, not often that I'm on my alt at that time when the raid starts.) ICC 25 6/12, nothing to say about it, the guild im atm. doesn't have people enough to do icc25 so often. RS 10 0/1, RS 25 0/1.

    The Reason I leave the guild: I would like to experience the whole raiding of WoTLK (Kill the LK and Halion) before Cataclysm comes. And yeah, I don't get so much raiding on my guild, and so I have to pugs. Would want to help guild, not the pugs so much.

    Computer and Network: I have good computer. (Takes the computer manual to look info.) Compaq Presario with Windows 7 and 300G of memory. Network is 2MB, enough for me 'cuz I don't download anything from Internet.

    Referers: Neffa, Prot Warrior.

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