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    Botnet, Disc priest.

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    Character name: Botnet
    Armory link:

    1. Personal information

    Real name: Yannick

    Age: 16

    Country of residence: Belguim

    Proficiency in English: on a scale of 10 ( 7/10 )

    2. Raiding

    What's your pre-WoTLK raiding experience?(If you played on a different character please post armory link) i have no pre wotlk experience, only been playing wow for 5 months.

    When did you start playing/raiding?(Add /played)
    5 months ago, played around 20 Days at lvl 80 days.

    What's your experience in WotLK?(Most important hardmodes you completed)
    completed 11/12 10 man, and 5/12 25 man with pugs.

    What do you enjoy most about the game?(Mention certain encounters you find enjoyable and/or challenging)i love to raid and pvp,my favorite encounter is so far the lich king himself. only been there two times though.

    Please post a screenshot of your raid interface.

    3. Character information

    Why did you choose this talent spec for raiding?
    well, not much to say about it.
    i just love to prevent raid damage, and playing like a suportive class.
    throwing some heals on the tanks when posible, shielding the raid to prevent damage.

    What benefits do you bring to the raid?
    stamm and spirit buff
    power infusion
    pain supresion
    and shadow procection and awesome shields.

    Do you use any macros or specific keybindings? keybounded my healing spells,

    What is your current secondary spec and are you able to raid with it if we ask you to?
    my second spec is my pvp spec, i'm willing to change it ofcours if needed.

    What would you like to improve stats or gear wise? i want to improve my spelpower a lil bit, and about my gear. my ofhand and wand and neckless could use a upgrade.

    If you have a gathering profession or your professions are not maxed out please explain why. well, i just leveled enchanting and jc for my proff bonuses. ( 39 sp gems and my ring enchants )

    We enforce all our raiders to enchant their boots with tuskarr's vitality, if you dont have it please state a them, the extra speed it contains is always handy on some certain bosses.

    4. Guild information

    List your previous guilds:(Mention for each one why you left)
    element - wiping for weeks at rot and fester.
    The flemish lions - they wanted me to respec shadow.
    karma club - guild disbaned due core raiders leaving.

    When can you raid?(Mention days or periods you won't be able to raid) normaly i'm availble anytime.

    What do you want to achieve with the guild? new friendships, a great dose of fun, and some progesion.

    5. Practical matters

    Do you have Ventrilo installed? yes i do.

    Do you have a microphone? Are you comfortable using it? i own one, but i can be a litle bit shy. so you wont hear me atleast in the start if i'm in the guild.

    Which connection do you have (cable, ADSL, ... + operator name)? List your average latency as well. adsl, telenet. and i'm running around 50 latency.

    How reliable is your connection? Do you have any DC's?
    normaly i dont. if i do, it's blizzard related.

    6. Random questions

    Any notable alts? level 25 druid and a level 23 rogue.

    If you could change 1 thing about the game what would that be?nothing, i like the game how it is.

    Do you play any other games? sometimes i'm playing on my xbox, and i used to play runescape. (:

    What do you expect from Cataclysm?a new experience, i'm exited about the new talents / raids / dungeons and the new look of azoroth.

    Anything you would like to tell us about yourself?
    not that much, just that i'm adicted to wow / games / art

    and i know that my gear might be low compared to you guys, but gear can be upgraded. its the player himself what counts. and about my ofhand, yeah i know it sucks (: and trust me i have been farming HoR for a quite time without any luck. my hope is now that i'm going to get a good ofhand in icc this summer. or otherwhise i need to switch to a staff :+

    anyways, i thank you for reading my app.

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